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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Student Registration
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Registration is a 3 Step Process
Register your student account using the class code provided by your teacher. This is the step where you create a username and password and provide us with a correct email address.
(Estimated time: 10 minutes)
To do this, check your email (Use the email address provided during registration) for the registration confirmation email from support@budgetchallenge.com. Open the confirmation email and click the "Authorize and Login" link in the confirmation email. After completing the authorization process, you can log into your account and access the Information Packet, Vendor Selections and How to Play pages.
(Estimated time: 2 minutes)
Once you have acknowledged your confirmation email, login to your account and complete your Vendor Selections by 9 PM local time on the simulation start date. Watch the CFS Video and use your Budget and Cash Flow Spreadsheet (also found at Student Home > How to Play) to build a long term plan and manage your day to day cash flow throughout the game. (Estimated time: 1-2 hours)
Are you a registering teacher?
Get Ready For Simulation Launch
H&R Block Budget Challenge Quick Start Video (3:36)
View the Registration Video
Creating a Student Account (0:57)
Only students with a registered teacher can play Budget Challenge. You can obtain your class registration code from teacher.
  • Make sure you have spelled your email address correctly with no typos. If there is an error in the email address, you will not receive the confirmation email. Change to: If you find an error in your email address, you will need to create another student account using a different user name and password and correct email address.
  • If your email address had no typos and you still have not received your confirmation email, ask around in your class. Did the other students get their confirmation emails? If they did and you did not then check your SPAM (JUNK) folder. If they did not either, discuss the issue with your teacher as it could be related to restrictions on your school email server.
  • It is recommended that you add the following email addresses to your contact list (click here for a complete list of email addresses used by Budget Challenge):
    • support@budgetchallenge.com
    • support@bcsim.com
    • notifications@budgetchallenge.com
    • support@budgetchallenge.freshdesk.com
    • emailarchive@bcsim.com
    • communications@bcsim.com
According to the Official Contest Rules, participants may only play one student account per semester.
Every participant must have a unique email address that they can access throughout the game. Students are not permitted to share email addresses with other students or with their teacher. If you do not confirm your email address you will not be able to play Budget Challenge.
After confirming your email address you will need to complete Vendor Selections at Student Home > Vendor Selections. Use the Information Packet and the Budget and Cash Flow Spreadsheet (found at Student Home > How to Play) to help you make informed decisions and build a plan for the game. Vendor Selections must be completed by 9 PM local time on the simulation start date to be eligible for prizes. Your account is not active until Vendor Selections are complete. Click on each tab and make the selections resulting in all green tabs.