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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Grant and Scholarship Winners
The following "Current Standings" tables are provided as a friendly competition between the teams playing in the H&R Block Budget Challenge.    Teams are only included in the class or team average ranking if there are 10 or more eligible students on the team.  With one table for each round, each table lists the top 50 ranked teams with the highest average team Leaderboard Score.  If your team has ten or more eligible students and is not listed in top 50 table,  you can find your team rank by typing your Team Name in the search field and click "search".   The team average is updated during nightly processing.
Current Standings
Rank Team Name Avg Score % Engaged Avg Engagement% Sim Date
No Active Simulations at this time.

Rank: Class rank with the simulation based on Average Leaderboard Score

Team Name: Class name chosen by teacher

Avg Score: Average student leaderboard score

% Engaged: Percentage of students within class that are actively playing the game currently

Avg Engagement%:Average engagement of class for the duration of the simulation

Sim Date: Information updated as of this date. Processing occurs nightly so scores will typically show yesterday's date.